64 thoughts on “Last night we lost a stellar member of our crew in an auto accident. @nylemulkeychose you were loved and we will miss you

  1. nyle set me up with a lib tech my first night at the lodge. Was still in shock of how bad ass the place was and I put the bindings on backwards.. we both noticed at the same time and nyle said “laces out marino”. Every new binding I have gotten since I’ve said that out loud. Shred in heaven buddy. @kekoa_k

  2. He was one of our guides when we were there. The best. So much fun. Our trip would never have been as fun without him and Lee. I’m so sad to hear this. Sending love to all you who knew him.

  3. Heartbroken to hear about nyle’s passing. Truly a wonderful guy with an infectious smile and love for life. What an amazing guide and a great loss for baldface. Condolences to all his friends and co-workers.

  4. No words to express this. We are going to miss you buddy. Thanks for being an awesome guide when we first me you years back. Condolences to the Baldface family and his loved ones.

  5. Crushed. Thinking of you all and hoping you find consolation in sharing your stories and memories of this amazing human that we were all so lucky to know, even for a short while ๏ธ

  6. I only knew Nyles for a few days, he was our tail guide 2 weeks ago, what an awesome person and an absolute pleasure to be around. Next turns are for you.

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